Chateau Askana

In order to produce high quality wine and popularize Gurian vine varieties, in 2021 the KTW Group built the Chateau Askana plant and cellar in Guria, in the village of Askana.

Here, still wine by European method, sparkling and aged wine in oak barrels-by classic method is produced.

The wine in Chateau Askana is made from the outstanding bunches of grapes grown from different regions together with Guria. Imereti: Tsolikauri and Krakhuna; Racha-Lechkhumi: Tsolikauri; Adjara - Chkhaveri; Guria: Sakmiela, Tsolikouri and Chkhaveri.

should be noted that both pink and white wines are made from Chkhaveri variety. The duration of aging of sparkling wine is a minimum of 1.5-2, a maximum of 4-5 years, and the process of bottled aging of still wine lasts 6-7 months.

During the vintage, the plant can process 100-120 tons of grapes.

შატო ასკანა - გურული მეღვინეობის ხვალინდელი დღე!


Guramishvili's Marani

Guramishvili Winery is located in Saguramo, 30 minutes drive from Tbilisi. This place has a special historical significance. This is the cellar where the company produces high-quality still and sparkling wine. The winery belonged to the family of the famous Georgian public figure, Ilia Chavchavadze. As a result of great efforts, together with the ancient wine cellar, the KTW group has restored rare endemic varieties of wine grapes.

Today, the Guramishvili winery regularly produces wine and classical method sparkling wine. The main direction of the winery is the production of wine from rare, endemic grape varieties, mixed with traditional European methods (in oak barrels and the traditional champagne method).

The enterprise has the ability to receive and process 110 tons of grapes in one day. In one hour, 700-700 bottles of wine and sparkling wine are produced.



Velistsikhe Veranda

Velistsikhe veranda is located in the village of Velistsikhe in Kakheti, which has a history of 1500 years. The cellar was built in the garden of the grandmother of the founder of the company, Zurab Chkhaidze, which makes the local history and traditions more tangible. There are 20 pitchers buried in the ground in the Veranda cellar, the total capacity of which is 40 tons. Here you can taste the wine directly from the pitcher. "Saferavi Qvevri" of " Velistsikhe Veranda" proudly represents the name of KTW Group and Georgia as a whole in France, namely in the city of Bordeaux, where it is presented in the tasting room of the Museum of Wine Civilization (La Cité du Vin). The guests of "Velistsikhe Veranda" have the opportunity to participate in Georgian culinary master classes: baking Kakhuri "shoti" (Georgian bread), making churchkhela (traditional Georgian sweets), and others.

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