Patardzeuli wine and brand enterprise

Patardzeuli enterprise is located in Kakheti, Sagarejo district, 45 minutes drive from Tbilisi.

The enterprise comprises three primary buildings, each dedicated to distinct technological processes for the production of brandy, chacha, and wine.

Our facility produces 10,500 bottles of brandy per hour. Within our enterprise, we have 78 cisterns dedicated to storing wine materials.

The Patardzeuli enterprise is outfitted with solar panels, harnessing alternative energy to supply electricity in an eco-friendly manner.

Within our enterprise's premises lie a tourist space and a wine house. Each day, we welcome thousands of visitors who have the opportunity to savor 14 distinct varieties of wine, brandy, and chacha directly sourced from our cisterns and French oak barrels. 



Winery and distillery of Velistsikhe-Mukuzani

Situated in the village of Velistsikhe, nestled in the heart of Kakheti, stands the principal grape processing facility of the esteemed Italian wine label, Della Toffola. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, this facility comprises four distinct workshops. The initial two workshops specialize in the reception and processing of wine grapes, while the third workshop serves as a storage space for winemaking materials. Finally, the fourth workshop is dedicated to the reception and processing of premium wine grapes. 


The facility has the capacity to receive and process 1000 tons of wine grapes and 1500 tons of brandy grapes within a single day. Within our workshops dedicated to wine production, we have allocated space for 165 tanks of 36 tons each, along with 10 tanks capable of holding 100 tons and 15 tanks with a capacity of 120 tons. For brandy production, we have 90 cisterns of Italian manufacture, with a combined storage capacity of 100 tons.

Located in the areas of Velistsikhe-Mukuzani Winery and Distillery, our wine and alcoholic beverage store-salon welcomes numerous tourists daily. 



Chateau Manavi

The "Chateau Manavi" enterprise is situated in the village of Manavi, within the Sagarejo district of Kakheti. Established in 2017, the enterprise specializes in the production of wines and spirits, primarily for export purposes.


The enterprise operates four production lines dedicated to Italian wine and sparkling wine, aligning with contemporary industry standards. Furthermore, the facility houses a 5,000-ton alcohol warehouse.


Chateau Manavi enterprise has the capacity to receive and process 300 tons of grapes daily. Within a single hour, our operations yield 10,000 bottles of wine and 2,500 bottles of sparkling wine. Additionally, our facility boasts a state-of-the-art chemical laboratory dedicated to ongoing research on both raw materials and final products.



Keda winemaking

Kedi's enterprise is located in the western region of Georgia, specifically in Adjara. It specializes in crafting wines sourced from indigenous grape varieties grown in the area. Our primary objective is to foster the advancement of local viticulture and winemaking practices.


The enterprise boasts the capacity to receive and process 80 tons of grapes per day, enabling it to manufacture 2000 bottles of wine within a single hour.


Here,we offer a wine and alcoholic beverage shop-salon right on our premises. Situated amidst the picturesque wineries of the ridge, our establishment holds a magnetic allure for foreign visitors, playing host to hundreds of tourists seeking an authentic wine experience.